Experience history, culture & adventure on a luxury cruise down the River Shannon.

Travel in style along the River Shannon

Introducing Carrick on Shannon’s latest amazing amenity to guide you through the meandering River Shannon in Co. Leitrim is the environmentally and family friendly Carrick Day Boats. Our 5 Fleet day boats are 100% electric and are designed to be safe and easy to drive leading to a stress free boating experience for you and your group. These 100% electric day boats will run so quietly along the surrounding areas of Carrick on Shannon like the picturesque Jamestown, stunning Cootehall and the unforgettable Leitrim Village. You can moor up in at these quays and stroll around the villages, have a spot of lunch and head away again to see where the River Shannon takes you. This relaxing activity gives you a wonderful bird’s eye view of the flora and fauna and travel through the waters on the relaxing Carrick Day Boats. No other boats can surprise the kingfisher mid flight or creep up on a flock of geese.

These 7 seater scoops offer excellent visibility from the helm with room for a group around a table in the forward cockpit area. Carrick day boats is designed so the boats are extremely stable and comfortable, each one fitted with cushions and a bimini to give you protection from the sun.

Carrick day boats offer the ultimate family day out in Carrick on Shannon, bring a picnic, feed the fish and let nature guide you through Ireland’s largest river.

Times and costs

Carrick Day Boats will be running 9.30am – 1pm and 2.30pm – 6pm


€120 half-day session

€200 full-day session

€120 half-day session

€200 full-day session

All bookings need to be done online.

If there’s no availability call our office on 0719621777 in case of cancelations and speak to a member of our sales team.

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Arrival and return

Carrick Day Boats will be operating alongside of Moon River at the Quay in Carrick on Shannon

On arrival, please have your booking confirmation, also a security deposit will be required of €150 to be returned once everything is found to be well on the boat.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your rental period is due to start. We will carry out our safety briefing, fit buoyancy aids and show you the workings of the boat. If you are late arriving, you will still have to return the boat at the same time required.

All of our boats are easy to drive with no experience required but you must be over 18. Personal identification will be required.

On arrival, our experienced crew will instruct you on how to operate the boats, and familiarise you with the rules of the river. Swimming off a boat is prohibited.

Explore the Day Boats Attractions

Rules of the river

Stay within the main river channel and follow all directional arrows. If you navigate away from the marked channel you risk running aground and damaging the boat.

Steer on the right hand side where it is safe and practical. Remember even when you have right of way it remains your responsibility to avoid collision.

Avoid turning your boat near bridges, bends and locks. Do not turn across the bows of oncoming boats; wait until it is safe.

Near bridges or sharp bends, boats going upstream must give way to boats coming downstream.

Always take care when overtaking and keep clear of other boats.

Keep a sharp look out at all times for any hazards, taking action when necessary. If in doubt, slow down or STOP.

Respect warning signs. It is dangerous and illegal to interfere with weir gates and sluices.

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